Cultural Cornerstones: Supporting the creative voice in crisis affected communities

Our Mission

Cultural Cornerstones’ mission is to assist in facilitating the preservation, transmission and expression of cultural heritage, especially in the arts, in communities vulnerable to crisis including armed conflict, abuses of human rights, forced displacement and rapid globalization. By supporting the artistic voice of these communities, we seek to build bridges both internationally and within communities themselves, encourage psychological and social well-being and raise awareness of the beauty and uniqueness of communities who are forced to struggle for survival and self-determination.


We seek to build local capacities to protect cultural heritage through providing technical training and material resources to communities seeking to archive and document their traditions and make them more accessible both within their own communities and internationally. These activities link youth with elders through film, field recording, photography, and ethnographic research building social networks in the present and creating links for continuity of identity between the past and uncertain future.


The creative productions of Cultural Cornerstones use the arts and cultural heritage of at-risk communities to explore the unique beauty and value of threatened cultures and the struggles they face. Through our publications and advocacy work, we aim to encourage awareness, activism, and compassion in the public consciousness to value and protect these people and their threatened traditions.

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