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The Karen displaced on the Thai-Burmese Border

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The Song of Seven Brothers


There are seven Brothers
Burmese, English, Mon and Shan,
Chinese and Taw Thu,
And the eldest, the Karen
They love each other very much, without ceasing

The Brothers should know,
At the time when God was going back to the heavens
He asked the Seven sons to love one another
And to share any food they have

Not too long after God went,
They forgot the words of God
And quarreled fatally with one another
With both axe and sword

The winner became king,
All the six bothers have finished their reign
And only the Karen are left,
As the older brother could not fight any longer

The six younger brothers promised to let the older brother rule for 2500 years,
Many years have past and now it is time for the eldest brother to rule,
We should know ourselves

If we are faced with problems our youngest brother,
The white brother, will come and help us.
It hangs on the five virtues,
2500 years are promised
It depends on our virtue
It rests on the truth

The Ten Commandments,
Keep in your mind,
Pray with heart and soul
And Hope it will Please God

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