Cultural Cornerstones: Supporting the creative voice in crisis affected communities

The Karen displaced on the Thai-Burmese Border

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Pwo Karen Ensemble


The wrist tying is coming

Sgaw and Pwo are gathering together
From many remote places
To celebrate in their beautiful traditional clothes.

Oh Karen People, do not be divided.
If we do not respect and preserve our traditional culture and literature,
They will be lost one day.
No matter the religion, Buddhist or Christian, young or old,
The Karen’s affairs are the responsibility of all Karen, with the same aim and heart.
Once a year when tying wrists in the full moon night,
We will come together happily calling on each others souls.

About Golden Pestle

Sein Tin Aye – Group leader K’nat (Kana) , Voice
Thai Thaw Khee – T’nah (Na Dain) , Mandolin, Voice
Kyaw Eh Thoo – Thaw Tu (Thaunt Tun) , Voice
Hsu Paw Klay – T’nah (Na Dain) , Voice
Eh Khee – T’ Nah, Voice
Pya That Poo Kyaw – Drum (Ta), Voice

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