Cultural Cornerstones: Supporting the creative voice in crisis affected communities

Roma Gypsies in Shutka, Macedonia

Cim Rodea Pobuter

Cim Rodea Pobuter


How to break up, I don’t know
How to separate
Our hearts are torn apart
Now we are angry

Who will be your lover
Who will clean your tears
Who will Kiss your lips
And make them dirty

Fire from God will burn you
Because you ran from your lover
My pain will curse you
If you’re looking for more

The kisses are cleaned away
Which were so hot
The days are crying
Because of this split

From the Albanians, we ran
To save our souls
We have nowhere no to go
Without our homes

For more information on the situation of Rom in Kosovo visit the Voice of Roma.

Photo Caption: Muzo taps out the rhythms to his songs on a stack of books including bible stories and English dictionaries.

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